Darling, Time Changes People | So i decided to share my story with you guys, i’m...

Darling, Time Changes People

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So i decided to share my story with you guys, i’m 13, i suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Severe Anxiety, Severe Panic Attacks, Suicidal Thoughts and i am a recovered self harmer. I’ve failed at committing suicide 29 times. You’re all probably thinking i am an attention seeker, or how i’m too young to understand what depression is. Well i’m not. I know exactly how it feels to go to bed and pray so hard that you wont wake up the next day and when you do wake up, you just break down in tears, but then put on a fake smile for your friends and family. I am not an attention seeker…if i was seeking attention i wouldn’t be completely anonymous on my blog. I’ve shared this, not to get attention, not to get 1000 notes. I don’t care if i only get 1 note on this. This is purely so my followers know they are not alone. Things do get better! I never believed it when i got told that and i went years absolutely hating the people that told me that, but i promise you; it does get better. Chin up gorgeous. Roll up your sleeves, put away your razor even if it’s just for tonight, and drop your pills because if you feel like you have no one tonight, tomorrow night or in a years time. Im here. And i am not going anywhere.<3

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